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The Flinders Quartet + Cello

On 18-Jun-17, at 3 pm

  The Flinders Quartet The Flinders Quartet comprising violinists  Shane Chen and Nicholas Waters, violist Helen Ireland and cellist Zoe Knighton joined by gust cellist Timo-Veikko Valve, perform the music of Boccherini, Schubert and Sculthorpe. Included in...more...

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The Gin Mill Social

From 30-Jun-17 to 29-Jul-17, at 7pm Strict arrival time

  The Gin Mill Social is a lavish 1920’s dinner party with live music, an extravagant menu, swing dancing and pop up performances that was created by the very talented team...more...

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SIPCA People’s Choice Pianist Ayako Uehara In Recital

On 06-Jun-17, at 7.30 pm

Pianist Ayako Uehara The Sydney International Piano Competition of Australia is marking its 40th Anniversary with a new National Recital Series, in which Japanese pianist Ayako Uehara will return to Australia...more...

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Nexas Quartet With Coleman-Wright Present Composers In Exile

On 28-May-17, at 3.30 concert; 2.30 afternoon tea.

  Nexas Quartet with baritone Peter Coleman-Wright Virtuosic saxophone ensemble the Nexas Quartet presents the latest Sunday afternoon musical treat as part of the popular Prelude in Tea concert series at the...more...

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Michael Kieran Harvey In Concert

On 15-Jun-17, at 7.30 pm

Michael Kieren Harvey Trinity Grammar School’s Society of the Arts is thrilled to present a solo recital by pianist Michael Kieran Harvey, arguably one of Australia’s greatest pianists. A champion of Australian...more...

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The Balmain Sinfonia – Centenary Concert with Tinel Dragoi

On 10-Jun-17, at 5 pm

Violinist Tinel Dragoi The Balmain Sinfonia celebrates its 100th performance during the 2017 season with a concert of Borodin, Mozart and Dvorak, showcasing Australian violinist Tinel Dragoi with the orchestra’s recently...more...

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IFAC Australian Singing Competition Selects Eleven Singers For Semi-Finals Concert

On 04-Jun-17, at 4.30 pm

Following heats in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Auckland and London, the IFAC Australian Singing Competition under National Adjudicator Catrin Johnsson, have selected eleven impressive young singers to progress to the...more...

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The Idea Of North ‘Farewellcome’ Concert

On 15-Jul-17, at 8 pm

A capella quartet The Idea of North farewells co-founding bass singer, Andrew Piper, as it welcomes new bass Luke Thompson to the ensemble in Farewellcome a special finale concert to...more...

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The Thieving Magpie From La Scala In Palace Cinemas

From 26-May-17 to 31-May-17, at Various. See below

The Thieving Magpie form La Scala in cinemas Rossini’s masterpiece The Thieving Magpie returns to La Scala in a new production, 200 years after its debut there in 1817. Filmed in a...more...

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