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Christmas Cushion Concert For Kids With Elf Dan And The Metropolitan Orchestra

From 07-Dec-19 to 08-Dec-19, at 11 am and 1 pm both days

Elf Dan from the North Pole has just been promoted to Number One Head Elf. Enter Elf Dan’s workshop with Conductor Sarah-Grace and The Metropolitan Orchestra (TMO) as he reads letters...more...

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Bach Akademie Australia Brings ‘Comfort And Joy’ With Cantatas For Christmas

From 29-Nov-19 to 01-Dec-19, at 7.30 pm 29 and 30 Nov/ 2 pm 1 Dec.

Madeleine Easton Acclaimed violinist and concertmaster Madeleine Easton leads her Bach Akademie Australia with 36 of Australia’s finest baroque instrumentalists and singers through J S Bach’s most sublime and joyous Christmas...more...

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Seraphim Trio Becomes A Quartet For November Tour

On 24-Nov-19, at Afternoon tea from 2:30pm, Concert at 3:30pm

Seraphim Trio with violist Martin Alexander The Seraphim Trio returns to the Independent Theatre on their latest national tour, with guest violist Martin Alexander. Their program comprises Haydn’s ‘Gypsy’ Piano Trio in...more...

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Ensemble Apex Looms L A R G E

On 06-Dec-19, at 8 pm

Ensemble Apex presents the long awaited finale to its 2019 season, L A R G E. Featuring works by Varese, Ligeti and Stravinsky, this concert will convey the unparalleled energy and...more...

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Opera Bites Presents A Gilbert And Sullivan Extravaganza

On 14-Nov-19, at 7 pm

Join Opera Bites in the Reagh Bar of the historic Castlereagh Boutique Hotel for a delightful romp through your favourite Gilbert & Sullivan hits. Magic is in the air as three...more...

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Ye Olde England Recital From Phoenix Collective

On 23-Nov-19, starting at 2.30 pm and finishing at 4.30 pm

Pianist Dr Edward Neeman (Juilliard School) teams up with violinist, Dan Russell, Artistic Director of the Phoenix Collective, for a recital from Ye Olde England, calm, restful works evoking scenes...more...

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All For Love At The Woollahra Philharmonic Orchestra

From 30-Nov-19 to 01-Dec-19, at 5.30 pm Saturday/2.30 pm Sunday

The Woollahra Philharmonic Orchestra Woollahra Philharmonic Orchestra’s final program for the year, All for Love is a musical ‘love-in’ with star-crossed lovers and star turns aplenty! This seductive program of rousing works,...more...

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Powerful Cross-Cultural Collaboration From Tura New Music

On 23-Nov-19, at Check website

Tura New Music will bring Kimberley Echoes to ACT and NSW in November and December.  The powerful cross-cultural celebration of Kimberley country and its people is the result of 5 years of development and...more...

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Tales of 12 Chinese Zodiac Premieres In Sydney

On 21-Nov-19, at 7.30 pm

Find out more about your Chinese zodiac sign in China’s highly acclaimed musical dance Tales of 12 Chinese Zodiac premieres in Sydney and Melbourne in November. A cast of 50 from...more...

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