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Matt Withers And Acacia Quartet To Premiere New Richard Charlton Composition

On 02-Sep-18, at 3 pm

Matt Withers with Acacia Quartet Composer Richard Charlton’s new work for guitar and string quartet, Shorelines will soon receive its premiere in Canberra, followed closely by performances in Sydney and Melbourne, as part of...more...

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Sarah Grunstein Piano Recitals

From 23-Sep-18 to 29-Oct-18, at 5 pm 23 September/ 7.30 pm 29 October

Sarah Grunstein Sarah Grunstein, the internationally acclaimed Australian pianist, returns to the Sydney Opera House to perform two concerts in 2018. The first concert will be a programme of music by three...more...

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Aled Jones Releases Third Disc In ‘One Voice’ Trilogy

On 26-Sep-18, at 7.30 pm

Aled Jones MBE, one of Australia’s favourite singers and presenters, returns this spring to complete the third and final instalment in his One Voice album trilogy. One Voice: Believe was released on...more...

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Ray Chen And Julien Quentin Perform Hindson Commission On Tour For Musica Viva

From 18-Aug-18 to 27-Aug-18, at 2 pm 18 August/ 7 pm 27 August

Ray Chen One of the foremost violinists of our generation, Ray Chen is no ordinary violinist. Born in Taiwan and raised in Brisbane, he moved to the USA at 15 to pursue...more...

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Gilbert & Sullivan Opera Sydney Parodies Victorian Melodrama

From 05-Oct-18 to 14-Oct-18, at 8 pm on 5,6,12 October/ 2 pm on 7, 13, 14 October.

Kate Wilmot, soprano Professional bridesmaids, a character who converses in biblical verse and a village called Rederring! Gilbert & Sullivan’s 10th collaboration, The Ghosts of Ruddigore, sees the continuation of the pair’s...more...

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Australian Romantic & Classical Orchestra: Poetical Melodies: Elegaic & Daring

On 19-Aug-18, at 3 pm; pre-concert talk at 2.15 pm

The Australian Romantic and Classical Orchestra The Australian Romantic and Classical Orchestra (ARCO) concludes its 2018 season in August with Poetical Melodies: Elegaic & Daring, in which the string section of the ensemble...more...

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Arts On Tour Presents Touring Workshop

On 22-Aug-18, starting at 9.30 am and finishing at 4.30 pm followed by drinks

Following the success of its first Touring Workshop in 2017, Arts on Tour is once again presenting an informative, demystifying, full-day workshop that tells you everything you need to know...more...

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Arrebato Ensemble Launches Third Album With East Coast Tour

On 16-Oct-18, starting at 12.30 pm and finishing at approximately 1.30 pm; no interval

Arrebato Ensemble Arrebato Ensemble performs a uniquely Australian contemporary flamenco sound in an east coast tour that coincides with the release on August 10 of its third studio album Sofia’s Dream. Arrebato in...more...

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The Metropolitan Orchestra Presents An All-Russian Programme With Soloist Tamara-Anna Cislowska

On 25-Aug-18, at 8 pm

Tamara-Anna Cislowska The Metropolitan Orchestra presents its next concert Fever, of an all Russian program, joined by one of Australia’s most recognised pianists, Tamara-Anna Cislowska, who is the soloist in Shostakovich’s uncharacteristically bright...more...

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