Kathryn Selby performs Mozart

Kathryn Selby performs Mozart

Sydney Symphony welcomes Sydney pianist Kathryn Selby AM to the stage for what promises to be a virtuoso performance. Selby has kindly stepped in to replace Geoffrey Lancaster, who has had to withdraw because of illness. The performance will also include the gorgeous, decadent sounds from the Vienna of Gustav Klimt. A nostalgic mood is…

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Sara MacLiver speaks to SLS about her new CD “Seraphim”. Listen to a track….

It’s no easy task to select music for a compilation CD. The list needs to include signature works or styles of the performer, listener favourites, a smattering of less popular but respected works or composers, and finally, works that take the performer into the future. With her new CD “Seraphim”, soprano Sara Macliver achieves this easily and the release…