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Bach Akademie Australia Performs On Melbourne Digital Concert Hall

On 02-Oct-20, starting at 7 pm AEST and finishing at approximately 8 pm

Bach Akademie Australia presents ‘Bach’s Universal Light’ for Melbourne Digital Concert Hall, a journey from darkness into light through Bach’s universal genius, reflecting the difficult times for many of us...more...

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Showbiz Classical – Piano Recital By Gerard Willems

On 17-Oct-20, at 3 pm and 6.30 pm

Legendary pianist Gerard Willems AM performs music of Hollywood, Broadway and more, featuring music by Mozart, Grieg, Bernstein, Shostakovich and others in this one-hour piano recital. Afterwards he will be...more...

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Sydney International Women’s Jazz Festival To Go Ahead

From 30-Oct-20 to 08-Nov-20, at Various

Sydney International Women’s Jazz Festival (SIWJF) is going ahead in 2020, with the city’s clubs and venues alive with the sound of more than 30 leading female musicians celebrating music...more...

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National Art School Joins Melbourne Digital Concert Hall For Sydney Series

The National Art School is to join Melbourne Digital Concert Hall as a presenting partner for a series of spring concerts in the school’s Cell Block Theatre, bringing live performance...more...

Posted on September 18, 2020 @ 14.04  Dot  News
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‘Alchemy’ Celebrates The Beauty Of Two Guitars

Guitarists Andrew Blanch and Ariel Nurhadi are two of the hottest young performers in Sydney’s classical guitar scene. Today their debut album Alchemy is released on and digital on the...more...

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Bernadette Harvey Performs For Musica Viva Discover Series

On 01-Oct-20, at 7 pm AEST

Pianist Bernadette Harvey takes you on a journey of escape, in a vibrant performance live-streamed from a Sydney location surrounded by stunning artworks. One of Australia’s premier pianists, Bernadette’s virtuosity and...more...

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New Book Explores The Anatomy And Acoustic Of The Violin

Author John E. McLennan, Ph.D., has released an new book dedicated to the ‘anatomy ‘of the violin. The Sound Post in the Violin is the result of 30 years’ research...more...

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Omega Ensemble Premieres Gordon Kerry Clarinet Quintet Online

If you missed Omega Ensemble’s live from the Sydney Opera House,  you can now watch the world premiere of Gordon Kerry’s Clarinet Quintet on-demand, broadcast from the Joan Sutherland Theatre...more...

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Graham Abbott Explores Béla Bartók’s Piano Music On Classics Unlocked

Popular broadcaster Graham Abbott’s fifteenth episode of his fascinating podcast series ‘Classics Unlocked’, is available now on YouTube, Apple Music and all other podcast platforms. Every episode is also hosted...more...

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