Fishy Tales From Naples

When:  On 05-Aug-12, at 3 pm
Where:  Old Darlington School, Sydney University, Maze Crescent, Newtown.

Soprano Nadia Piave presents Neapolitan music from the 17th to the 20th centuries in The Neapolitan, The Fish, His Wife and Her Lovera parthenopeic piscatory pot-boiler.

Featuring songs and stories from the heart and soul of Naples, Nadia is joined by Tommie Andersson, Anthony Albrecht and special guest Pino Scuro.


Nadia Piavecanto, recitazione, ululazioni (che rivelazione)

Tommie Anderssonliuto, chitarra (ma come quel liuto parla!)

Anthony Albrechtvioloncello (ma quant’e bello!)

Special Guest:

Pino Scurorecitazione (che mascalzione!)

Tickets: $25 Concession $20








Posted on July 24, 2012 @ 14.32