The Metropolitan Orchestra Ends The Year At A New Venue

When:  On 25-Nov-17, at 8 pm
Where:  Petersham Town Hall, 107 Crystal Street, Petersham NSW 2049


The Metropolitan Orchestra’s (TMO) last concert of 2017 is titled New Beginnings with good reason. The concert will be the first of TMO’s main stage Met Series concerts to be performed at Petersham Town Hall and will feature a world premiere from Australian pop music icon Heather Shannon, as well as a debut performance from Australian guitar soloist Giuseppe Zangari of Rodrigo’s Guitar Concerto. TMO’s ninth season will come to a close with Beethoven’s Third Symphony, ‘Eroica’ which many consider as the start of a new era in music.

A pop-up café will be open for pre-concert and during interval for light snacks and refreshments.

Tickets are available by visiting or call (02) 8004-3472

SHANNON Sequence and Variation World Premiere
RODRIGO Guitar Concerto
BEETHOVEN Symphony #3 ‘Eroica’

Conductor: Sarah-Grace Williams
Guitar: Giuseppe Zangari

Posted on November 14, 2017 @ 11.58