The Phoenix Collective Quartet Songs & Folk Explores Traditional Music From Around The World

When:  From 14-Nov-20 to 21-Nov-20, at 2,30 pm 14 and 15 November/ 7 pm 21 November
Where:  Hunter Baillie Presbyterian Church, Annandale, Sydney on 14 November/ Greenway Chapel, Green Point, Central Coast on 15 November/ Wesley Music Centre, Forrest, Canberra on 21 November

The Phoenix Collective is back in a final concert for the year which celebrates the human spirit in the music of the people. The Phoenix Collective Quartet presents Songs & Folk exploring traditional music from Australia, Ireland, America, the Czech Republic Scandinavia and Russia.

Composers have always incorporated folk music into their work. What is it that makes it folk music? Simplicity, purity or a unique style? Perhaps time, for it to be passed down through the generations. Whatever it is, one thing is for certain, it brings us together, inspires you to dance and love life itself.

The programme: Trad. Australian/ Irish: Matilda/ Si Beag Si Mohr Florence Price, Folk Songs in Counterpoint: Swing Low Sweet Chariot
Dvořák, Cypress No.9 for String Quartet, Nordic Folk ‘Wood Works’: Bridal Trilogy arr. Danish String Quartet, Borodin String Quartet No.2

LIMITED SEATING due to Covid-19 restrictions.
Tickets $40 from PCMUSIC.NET

Posted on October 20, 2020 @ 16.56